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  • Lift-Rite LCS55 Unique Sized Hand Pallet Trucks
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Unique Size

The Lift-Rite C5 Titan Series Unique Size Pallet Trucks offer wider and narrower frame and fork widths as well as various fork lengths to meet your specific pallet handling needs. Our unique size pallet jacks have evolved for special size applications requiring a robust 5,500 lbs load capacity. Unique size models include narrow pallet jack, small pallet jack, double pallet jack and triple pallet jack configurations.
  • Capacity: 5,500 lbs
  • Frame Width: 27"
  • Fork Length: 60"
$1,346.00 /Unit
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Debris Diverter
This unique attachment diverts items away from the steer tires on a hand pallet truck, allowing smoother, easier, more reliable travel in a variety of environments. By preventing foreign objects from getting under the steer tires of hand pallet trucks, the Debris Diverter delivers more consistent, reliable steering for easier operation and more precise, predictable travel. A Lift-Rite exclusive, the attachment is available on most new Lift-Rite models or as a retrofit for virtually any pallet jack in your fleet. It quickly and easily attaches to most brands of hand pallet trucks.
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When purchased with this equipment, the debris diverter will come pre-installed.